Should UI Designers learn to code

Dhilip AnanthaKrishnan

October 31, 2019

Should UI Designers learn to code

In the software development world, the lifecycle starts from Design. Every Designer works hard to bring their imagination, Creativity and Innovation into a masterpiece design. Most of the times the end product developed might not replicate the actual designer’s work; this could majorly occur due to lack of technical communication from designer to software developer or because of designer’s technical knowledge limitations in product development.

A designer with coding knowledge has its own added advantages in the competitive world, not just because they could also perform the front-end development but because they could bridge the communication gap between a designer and a front-end developer.  But is it necessary that a UI Designer must learn to code? Well, every designer faces the challenge. It completely depends on the designer’s will to acquire coding knowledge. But before making up your mind, here are a few insights on the positive aspects of designer learning about coding. Hope this helps!

Enriches your Design skills

There’s no doubt obviously learning skills will substantially enrich the work that you do. This is true in any profession; learning is ultimately the progressive sign. The design industry is one of the most actively exploring fields to work in. The best designers think out of the box, constantly seek to innovate and learn new skills. As a designer, by default you will analyze your work only in design perspective. But what if you want to view it from a vantage point? When you look at the design from the view of a developer, it will broaden your horizons. You’ll discover fresh techniques to address similar problems, new approaches of questioning and learn to think about your work more objectively.

Design to Development

Teamwork is very important in any development activity. If you can collaborate, you can easily co-work. Same applies while working with developers too. The more you collaborate, the more the product comes out as per your design. Understanding frontend skills will help you to understand as well as to effectively communicate the technical necessities of design. Every Designer should understand the technical feasibility of their design into a product. You need to be aware of the possibilities and constraints of your medium in order to do the best design work that technology can allow for. There is no better way to acquire it than knowing how to build your own designs. Hence the concept of designing anything digital and interactive without knowing how to establish it is like a chef who plans recipes but neither cooks nor tastes them.

Next step to your Career

Ultimately, frontend abilities are an added USP for your profile. Multi-skilled designers stand out as agile crew player—and this is the form of versatility that many employers are searching for. Think of it as getting to know a foreign language; it doesn’t take away from your sketch expertise—it adds an additional dimension to your thoughts. Designers who can code belong to the “design unicorn” category!

These are a few insights on the positive aspects of designer learning about coding. If you love the above aspects to grow your career, then “Start Coding”.